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“This book is a treasure, an indispensible resource for anyone thinking about graduate school. It is a short and very enjoyable read. I was astounded by how well and completely this volume by one of the nation's most talented graduate admissions and student affairs officers identifies and addresses the uncertainties and confusions most people contemplating graduate school feel. The tone is empathetic. The recommendations are compelling. The reader can't help but make more intelligent and confident decisions about graduate school."

Dr. Arthur Levine
President, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Former President, Teachers College, Columbia University

“Road Map fills a long standing void in the graduate search process. In the quagmire that is choosing a graduate program, this book truly provides a direction that will keep you on the right path. It is beautiful in its simplicity while remaining comprehensive in its coverage. I am delighted to recommend this wonderful book to anyone at any stage of the graduate search process.”

Tom Bazis
Business & Commercial Development Manager

“The decision to pursue graduate studies begins a journey that is most likely daunting, and more certainly life-changing. The graduate school environment has a way of reducing even the most self-confident to moments of genuine self-doubt. Don Martin throws a lifeline to the potential applicant and with a sensible timeline, leads her/him step by step through the application process, acceptance (or denial), and beyond. His calm, sympathetic approach is the next best thing to having your own personal counselor guiding the way through the maze. From his long-time vantage point on the other side of the desk, Don explains the seemingly arbitrary, prioritizes the minutiae, gives insight in to the minds of decision-makers, and anticipates potential minefields. . .The talent, skill and experience that made Don stand out as one of the most valued members of my team shine through on every page of this book. Not only a terrific guide to increase your probability of success - of getting in and getting through - but as importantly, to help you decide if graduate school is a good fit for your future."

Dr. Robert S. Hamada
Former Dean and Edward Eagle Distinguished Service Professor of Finance
University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

“Road Map is long overdue. From bookshelves to websites, prospective graduate students are often hard pressed to find a collection of content and advice like they will find in this book. The reader couldn't ask for a better source. Don draws on his wealth of experience as an enrollment management and student affairs professional to educate prospective graduate students on the topics they need to know and the issues they need to think about. An easy, yet informative read - it's a must for anyone considering a graduate degree."

Chad Billmyer
Managing Director, Petersons.com

“Road Map for Graduate Study is a must read for all future graduate students. Dr. Martin has done an excellent job of incorporating his experience in graduate admissions and his passion for education into a guide that helps students through the entire process of planning for and applying to graduate school. Students will find this to be a concise, yet comprehensive guide full of useful tips, insights, and Dr. Martin's personal anecdotes that will help their journey to graduate school to be a smooth, enjoyable and, ultimately, more successful experience. . .I will be recommending this book to the many students from around the world that our organization helps get accepted to graduate schools each year."

Michael Daly
President, Universal Placement Program