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Getting Started (doing research on graduate institutions)
√ Seven Personal Questions to Ask Yourself
√ Twelve-Month Checklist Before Submitting Your Application(s)

Getting In (going through the application process)
√ Seven General Pointers for Completing Your Application(s)
√ The Admissions Interview
√ Essays/Recommendation Letters/Academics
√ Responding to the Notification Decision
√ Making the Decision on Where to Enroll
√ What to do Just Before Enrolling

Getting Out (successfully completing your program of study)
√ Interacting with Faculty and Fellow Students
√ Dealing with Finances/Financial Aid
√ Planning for Career Next Steps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Inquirers, Applicants, Admitted and Enrolled Students

Also Featured:
√ Ten Tips on the Application Process
√ Seven Deadly Sins for Applicants
√ Seven Ways to get Positively Noticed as an Applicant: